Success Stories


I have been coming to Repetitions Fitness since Day One and enjoy the positive vibe and supportive environment that is a constant. The teachers are amazing, and the classes continue to challenge me and keep me focused on my overall good health…mind, body and soul. I have noticed my overall strength and endurance has increased, I may not be at my thinnest, but I definitely feel the healthiest and strongest I ever have. I am proud to be a member of the Repetitions Fitness Family and would recommend it to anyone!

Julie Panacci

Since joining Repetitions Fitness I feel infinitely better than I ever have both physically and mentally. I have tried working out at conventional gyms but nothing has worked for me quite like the classes that are offered here. I love working out in a group and having so much support from the community that has been built at the studio. Through working out at Repetitions I have been more diligent regarding my diet and what I put in my body and it has helped me in feeling better day to day as I often have more energy! This is by far the most progress I’ve ever made in bettering my health and it’s all thanks to this studio. 

Bri Mortillaro

As an original member of Repetitions I feel much stronger physically as well as mentally.  Many women revolve their lives around everyone and everything else.  I, on the other hand try revolve my life around my workout schedule, whenever possible. As for eating habits ….that’s another subject.   I definitely recognize the right choices and ingredients but I still like to indulge in my nemesis of God’s grape juice.  

I love the ladies of Repetitions as if they were my own family ! 

Christine E

Coming to Repetitions Fitness has been mentally and physically positive. From the clientele to the instructors providing a positive and motivating atmosphere has helped me to successfully maintain a healthier physique.

Kesha Wint