The journey to radical self love begins with just that—loving yourself.

I’m kind of over all the years of misinformation spouted by society as to what it means to be a woman. The definition of Womanhood is ever changing and expansive. For years ‘we’ve’ been subject to incorrect portrayals of what it means to be a woman. From the most common visuals of women in our media and pop culture as being overly sexualized to caricatures of “traditional” women’s roles, offering us polarizing representations of motherhood, such as women devoid of any sexuality or the stressed out housewife who hates her husband.

Not understanding who you are can often lead to confusion and even self-hatred. But choosing to disconnect from the messaging that tells us we can never be too thin, white, or wealthy can completely change our lives. Best of all, by making the decision to live as your fully embodied, entirely realized, unapologetic self, you embolden other women to do the same. Your actions reaffirm to them that it’s safe for them to be who they really are. By living as your whole self, you can literally tear the fabric of reality and create a new paradigm for yourself and other women, who are caught up in stereotypes about womanhood means—around you.

The journey to radical self love begins with just that—loving yourself. Teddy Roosevelt once said— ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’, and he couldn’t have been more correct. In a culture where you’re only as good as your next Instagram post or where we’re constantly being fed images of synthetic perfection and false happiness–it can often seem difficult to feel content with your (the) status quo.  Self-love gently leads us back to an acceptance of our own true nature. Radical self-acceptance takes great courage and includes everything that we are. It’s the belief that we are good and perfect, just as we are and loving what is without wishing or hoping for something else. 

Every body is worth celebrating–no matter their shape, size or skin colour. Only when we can foster the love that’s within without looking for validation from external forces, will we truly be able to experience radical self love.