Studies indicate that the average North American gains two to five pounds over the holidays.

Holiday preparations, family visits and epic meals….end of the year festivities can make it feel impossible to get your workouts in, eat properly and enjoy the holidays without fear of gaining weight. During the holidays, most people attend a number of festive events and nearly all of them centre around food. Couple this with the seasonal stress of shopping, limited time to cook and exercise and you have the perfect recipe for holiday weight gain. Studies indicate that the average North American gains two to five pounds over the holidays. The bigger problem? Those pounds tend to become permanent if not nipped in the bud quickly.

Healthy eating can be a realistic goal for your holiday season, but it does require some planning. Here are 5 nutrition tips you can employ to navigate the holidays.


You will have a number of parties to attend this season and going on an empty stomach or employing a strategy that involves skipping meals or starvation dieting, is  definitely a set up for failure. Instead, eat a light meal before you go, and you will arrive in better control of your appetite and ultimately end up eating less.


Downsize your plate to trick your brain into thinking you are eating more. Choose a salad plate instead of a dinner plate in order to consume a bit less.


This next tip is one of my personal faves. Whenever I go to a dinner party, I ALWAYS bring a dish so that I am guaranteed to eat something healthy. It also allows other people who maybe trying to stay on a healthier path, an opportunity to do the same.


It’s easy to lose track of drinks at a party. Try to consume less sugary drinks and drink them slowly so you always have something in your glass. If a party host constantly sees liquid in your glass they’ll be less likely to keep refilling it. Sip slowly!


Don’t use a holiday closure at your gym as an excuse not to workout. Commit to making time for two to three workouts a week. If you don’t have time for the whole thing at once, break it up. Small bouts of exercise throughout the day still add up. And if you attend our studio, you will be sent daily workout videos to workout to. So there’s no excuse!

The holidays are meant to be joyful so don’t add more stress to the season by setting unrealistic goals for yourself or conversely, throwing all restraint and good habits to the wind. Try to land someplace in the middle. As with any goal, healthy eating is attainable if you plan ahead. Be flexible and enjoy the season, just be mindful of your choices.