Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

…Isn’t physical fitness supposed to be more about a desired feeling rather than a physical aesthetic?

I’ve trained tons of different types women over the course of my 20 years in the fitness industry, and most of them have one major thing in common. They all weigh themselves everyday. Since when did the number on the scale become a gauge of a person’s fitness level? Isn’t physical fitness supposed to be more about a desired feeling rather than a physical aesthetic?

The truth of the matter is that the number on the scale should be of lesser significance than how you feel while on your fitness journey. There is so much more to our health than the numbers on a scale. Women spend years waking up and weighing themselves only to be disappointed by the continuously fluctuating numbers and for what? Ask yourself this, how many times have you gotten on the scale and were actually pleased with the number you were seeing? If I had to guess, probably not very often.

Still not convinced to end the numeric nonsense? Here are a few reasons to say peace out to your scale:

Body Composition:

Is the percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in our bodies. It is not the same as  body weight but it affects our weight on a daily basis. For instance, if you consume too much salt or wine today, tomorrow your body weight might be up. Similarly, if you aren’t bloated but notice you’re weight has gone up, it could be an indicator that you’re building muscle. Check out this site to learn more about body composition…

Your Weight Fluctuates Everyday, Particularly If You’re A Woman:

If you’ve ever weighed yourself multiple times in a short timespan, you know the number isn’t going to remain the same. At any given time, there are multiple factors affecting our weight including hydration, exercise frequency, salt or carbohydrate intake, bowel movements, pre-menstrual cycle and overall water retention. Excessive sweating on a hot day or in hot yoga can also cause your weight to alter.

There Are Other Ways To Measure Fitness:

For instance, pay attention to how you’re sleeping at night or how alert you feel when you wake up everyday. Do you have increased energy, or are you getting stronger? Focusing your energy on other ways to measure your physical fitness will allow you to enjoy your fitness journey without putting too much pressure on yourself.