I’d be lying if I said this was an easy post to write. In actuality, I didn’t even really know how or where to begin. I guess the best way to start is by saying how proud I am of the group of women you see pictured here. They took and little idea I had and completely turned it on it’s head! And I mean that in the best of ways.

Our Fall Fit Challenge began on September 5th at 6pm. Everyone seemed excited but a little nervous at the same time. We began with some running and them some mixed cardio back in the studio as this challenge was focused on increasing cardio endurance and stamina.

From there we met 3- 5 days a week and these ladies continued to crush every challenging move and idea thrown at them.

There were also some pretty strict nutritional requirements…well, at least one major one..For the duration of the month the participants were not permitted to eat any animals or animal by-products and had to adhere to a strict plant-based lifestyle.

Each day they sent me pics and descriptions of their meals, snacks and beverages…not an easy task but they did it.

I think it’s safe to say that the Fall Fit Challenge taught us a few different things about ourselves. First, that we were a lot stronger than we gave ourselves credit for. Second, that consistency always produces results and finally that our shared schedules really helped us to build a little sub-community within the larger community at the studio.

Congrats Ladies!

Fit & Fearless: How Our Fall Fit Challenge Made Us Better