Nocturnal Adventures: What Do Our Dreams Really Mean?

  Erotic dreams, particularly if you’re an adolescent, can be due to certain hormonal changes. I don’t have any sons and thankfully have never walked in on anything uncomfortable but it’s not unusual for young females to experience these types of dreams as well. For us adults, erotic dreams or dreams of a sexual [...]

Nocturnal Adventures: What Do Our Dreams Really Mean?2019-10-01T11:02:30-04:00

Silence Is Golden

  The prospect of going to a silent meditation retreat both thrills and scares me at the same time. For ten days, I’ll be required to meditate for most of my waking hours, eat in very minimal amounts and rest. You might be wondering why anyone would willingly head into solitary confinement, but it [...]

Silence Is Golden2019-09-24T10:16:55-04:00

How Hungry Are You?

  People who are driven to succeed don’t lament over the past. They don’t dwell on past mistakes or failures. They set goals and are extremely focused. They don’t give a f*ck about measurable goals (I hate that term by the way...) They declare audacious goals without any idea of how they will achieve [...]

How Hungry Are You?2019-09-17T11:58:45-04:00

The Addiction To Stress

  I have a theory...and though it may not be popular, I’m going to reveal it anyways.I believe that we live in constant states of stress because deep down we like it. Now by like it, I don’t mean we like it the way we like chocolate or french fries. I mean like it [...]

The Addiction To Stress2019-09-10T09:54:56-04:00

Free Yourself & Stop Hating Your Body

  Let's face it, it's hard to find a woman in this culture who feels comfortable in her own skin. We're bombarded with so many images of thinness and perfection that women, regardless of their weight, are often unhappy with our bodies. We stand in front of their mirrors, on top of scales--judging, complaining [...]

Free Yourself & Stop Hating Your Body2019-09-03T10:58:12-04:00

“Can’t’’: The Difference Between Excellence & Mediocrity

When someone tells me that they ‘can’t’ do something, it typically means that they just don’t want to. The truth is, language holds tremendous power. It can be used as a means to motivate us and it can also mean the difference between success and failure. Every time you say the word can’t, you [...]

“Can’t’’: The Difference Between Excellence & Mediocrity2019-08-28T11:13:12-04:00

Theorists Versus Practitioners: Which One Are You?

  The (pure) theorist, he explained, is only half a scientist. One who sits behind a desk or in a lab and never sees the outside world with all its chaos, distractions, and messiness. While the practitioner is the person who actively engages a given task. While listening to one of my greatest [...]

Theorists Versus Practitioners: Which One Are You?2019-08-20T09:43:10-04:00

Challenge Your Limits With Adventure Racing

  For many of us, the desire for comfort, safety, refuge and security is often overwhelming. One of our biggest flaws as humans is the inclination to play it safe or the gravitation towards the path of least resistance. We are more fearful than we are courageous and in turn become limited instead of [...]

Challenge Your Limits With Adventure Racing2019-08-13T09:08:16-04:00

The Hair Inclusion Solution

  So my question is this: if we really are all connected and none of us is separate from the other--as Buddha promised, then why do I often feel misunderstood or underserved by non-black hair stylists when it comes to my hair? Listen, I get it-- if you're not black, black hair can be [...]

The Hair Inclusion Solution2019-08-06T10:25:05-04:00

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Heat Training

Heat training, or heat acclimation training, helps our bodies adapt to a wider range of temperatures, and prepares us to withstand the intense heat generated by outdoor endurance activities like my 100 miler in the Arizona desert.My heat training routine varies but often consists of... I’ve been heat training in preparation for my [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Heat Training2019-07-30T18:27:06-04:00