The Best Years Are Yet To Come…If, You Play Your Cards Right

  If you take a quick scroll through Instagram, SnapChat or YouTube you might be deluded into thinking that the only people that are ‘living their best lives’ or are widely revered are millennials or the Gen Z kids. But if you take a bit of a closer you look, you’ll inevitably find another [...]

The Best Years Are Yet To Come…If, You Play Your Cards Right2019-12-18T08:34:36-05:00

The Manifesto

Fast forward 20 plus years later--I opened my own women’s only facility, loosely modeled after the one I attended when I was sixteen. I took everything that I fell in love with and adapted it to my own space. My goal was to make it an incredibly empowering environment where women could feel safe [...]

The Manifesto2019-12-10T11:04:42-05:00

Winter Motivation Versus Winter Hibernation

  There’s no doubt that winter’s a tough season for wellness. Snow and cold temperatures tend to put people into hibernation mode, which can lead to extra pounds, decreased fitness and stagnated progress. Some people opt to take a month or two off, but all that does is set you back and cut your [...]

Winter Motivation Versus Winter Hibernation2019-11-13T11:41:47-05:00

Fit People Come In All Different Shapes And Sizes: Redefining What It Means To Be Fit

I’ve been a runner, weight lifter, fitness competitor, trainer and nutrition expert for well over 20 years. In every sport I’ve competed in--with the exception of fitness competitions--which I HATE by the way-- I’ve competed with several types of people including people who were extremely fit but didn’t fit the typical mould of what [...]

Fit People Come In All Different Shapes And Sizes: Redefining What It Means To Be Fit2019-10-22T11:30:00-04:00

Theorists Versus Practitioners: Which One Are You?

  The (pure) theorist, he explained, is only half a scientist. One who sits behind a desk or in a lab and never sees the outside world with all its chaos, distractions, and messiness. While the practitioner is the person who actively engages a given task. While listening to one of my greatest [...]

Theorists Versus Practitioners: Which One Are You?2019-08-20T09:43:10-04:00

Challenge Your Limits With Adventure Racing

  For many of us, the desire for comfort, safety, refuge and security is often overwhelming. One of our biggest flaws as humans is the inclination to play it safe or the gravitation towards the path of least resistance. We are more fearful than we are courageous and in turn become limited instead of [...]

Challenge Your Limits With Adventure Racing2019-08-13T09:08:16-04:00

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Heat Training

Heat training, or heat acclimation training, helps our bodies adapt to a wider range of temperatures, and prepares us to withstand the intense heat generated by outdoor endurance activities like my 100 miler in the Arizona desert.My heat training routine varies but often consists of... I’ve been heat training in preparation for my [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Heat Training2019-07-30T18:27:06-04:00

Crunches Don’t Give You Abs

In most cases, our body fat ends up obscuring and covering up our abdominal muscles. So when we perform abdominal exercises like crunches, we are more so strengthening our midsection as opposed to ‘trimming’ fat off it. Remember, we can't target fat burn. So for instance, if you have a lot of fat deposits [...]

Crunches Don’t Give You Abs2019-07-29T10:21:07-04:00

The Quitting Mind: And How To Take Control Of It

  I’ve seen numerous people set set out their fitness journeys only to be disillusioned by the amount of consistency and effort it takes, and then decide to give up. Instant success is a myth. Many successful people failed hundreds of times before achieving their success. When I ran my second ultra marathon race, [...]

The Quitting Mind: And How To Take Control Of It2019-07-16T12:09:34-04:00

The Anti-Hack Queen

  Anything worthwhile in life takes time. Sometimes a long time.Take me for instance, I’ve been a runner since I was 16--I’m 41 now and still not the runner that I aspire to be. Why? Because Rome wasn’t built in a day, a week or a couple of months. It took time, patience and [...]

The Anti-Hack Queen2019-07-10T12:00:20-04:00