About Nadia


Who is Nadia Clarke Cordick

Nadia Clarke Cordick is the intense yet exuberant holistic fitness and nutrition expert behind Repetitions Fitness. She started Repetitions after a lengthy career as an elementary school teacher. Feeling unfulfilled in the classroom, she decided to quit her career as a teacher and founded Repetitions in 2014. Nadia has committed herself to helping women be the best and healthiest versions of themselves by teaching them how to integrate holistic, purpose-driven fitness and proper nutritional/intuitive habits into their daily lives. Her goal is to empower women with strategies to help them reach and sustain their fitness and wellness goals.

Nadia became involved in the fitness industry in high school as a means to cope with persistent anxiety issues. By working through these obstacles and taking control of her life, Nadia’s knowledge, perseverance and ingenuity has given her the ability connect with women of all ages from various walks of life.

Nadia’s physical training style incorporates various techniques including, running, body resistance training, mobility training, calisthenics, flexibility training, meditation, breath work and more. She avoids repetitive training in order to keep her workouts challenging. Clients learn how to adopt health and fitness as a lifestyle beyond simply losing weight. Nadia’s goal is that women understand the importance of achieving over health and wellness over physical aesthetics.
As an educator, fitness expert, trainer, nutritional coach and plant-based multi-sport competitor, Nadia has an extensive background in the area of health and wellness. She holds a B.A., and B.Ed., from York University and the University of Toronto as well as certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in the areas of Personal Training, Fitness Nutrition, Sports Conditioning & Exercise Therapy. Nadia is also appears regularly as a fitness expert on CTV’s The Social. As a wife and mother of two girls, Nadia works hard to instill the importance of healthy living in her children by modeling intuitive eating habits and by living an active lifestyle.